Sunday, June 21, 2009

Adventures with Kool-Aid and Wool

I thought I would show off my first attempt at dying wool. As I had mentioned before in a previous post, my Mother in Law sent me a pound of really fluffy wool from a farm in her area near the Arrow Lakes. I thought I would take a stab at dying it myself.  I really like the idea of making goblins and other soft creatures that are non toxic and 100% safe for kids and I suppose even pets.  I went out and bought a few choice packs of Kool-Aid, and took out my collection of Wilton's Cake Icing Dye. I was able to get my husband George to set up his propane burner in which he has for crafting his own beer. I set it up on my deck along with a small utility table for setting up my dye, a scale, a bowl, turkey baster and mixing spoon. I put a large pot on the burner and started the Dye Adventure with Red. I find that if I am doing anything with color, I have to do it according to the rainbow, and according to proper gradation. I started with red and worked my way to dark purple. As noted on other Blogs, the Wilton's Violet and Blue dye goes  a little wonky. I ended up with a purple, blue and magenta tie dye effect from one  squirt of blue in clean water and a splash of vinegar. I think the dye may have separated in the pot. No idea how else I could have managed the effect. I used the turkey baster to try and add darker splashes of color. I also sprinkled Kool-Aid crystals on the wet roving to see what would happen. With the Orange it made this really cool sunset effect. It's so pretty! If I had more time and more colors to play with I would have tried every possible combination. Oh well, next time. What the pictures are showing is about 1.5 pounds of roving hanging in my back yard trying to dry. Although it was a little hard today. I am too close to the Ocean here in Fairfield to get enough warmth to dry them fast. I used my clothes line to hang dry my rainbow for a couple of hours before bringing them into my sun room to dry a bit more.100_1583100_1562100_1570

I can't wait to card all these colors!


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