Thursday, June 4, 2009

Baby Goblin & Rainbow Elf Rag Doll


Baby Goblin and her Rainbow Elf  Rag doll is my third completed Goblin.  I have several more before her that need to be

finished, but I had so much fun with her, it pushed me to finish her off. This sweet Goblin was inspired from my own baby, Bailey. I bought a hand carded batt of soft popcicle greens from my favorite place down on Government Street called Knotty By Nature. The girls down there have been so very helpful.  I started this Goblin one morning when Bailey was looking up at me with her big blue eyes. This time around I decided to put wire in her arms, legs and fingers. MAN!!!! What a pain in the butt that is. I can't even guess how many needles I broke. But she is bendable and I did end up jointing her arms and legs. I wanted to make her a big Mushroom rattle, but George chimed in and wanted me to make her a rag doll. Her little Rainbow Elf is what I came up with.  Oh yeah, and I stuck her in a little white felt diaper. Very sweet!

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of these two. Being bendable and jointed made for many very cute positions.

I almost could not part with her, but I put her up on Etsy anyway. She has had a lot of great feedback. I think it's those big adorable eyes!


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