Friday, June 5, 2009

Bat Wing Goblin

I was contacted last week from a fellow Etsy person asking if I had planned to make some goblins in the 20.00 to 30.00 range. I had thought about it, and wanted to make some smaller creations that could be affordable to everyone. I created this next little goblin with that in mind. Instead of the normal 9" I had made my other creations, I only made him 6".  Although at the last minute I wanted him to have wings, so that in it's self too me longer to complete him. This little Goblin is actually made from some Wool my Mother in Law sent me down from her neck of the woods. I had read about Kool-Aid dying and wanted to try it, so I went to the grocery store and bought the Blue and Purple Kool-aid. It was my first attempt at dying wool period! It was easy enough to figure out, but one thing I did really wrong was add way to much vinegar. When I took the wet dyed wool out of the smelt really wrong!!!! The smell of blueberry and grape mixed with vinegar is not appetizing in the least. There is only one thing I could relate with that smell which was an experience I had once at a sleep over at a friends house in high school. Apparently my friend's family was on  a well system and their water had sulfur in it which resulted in everything including all their food and beverages smelling like rotten eggs!!! Well my friend decided to make Blue Jell-O, which she of course used the tap water. To make matters worse she thought it would better to just eat the Jell-O about an hour into setting, which made me want to gag. Anyways, this was not as bad as that, but the blueberry and the vinegar smell took me back to the place I had tried to forget about! Now that he has had time to air dry, he smells "comforting" as my friend Denise described.

I gave him a very simple face, with of course the big cute eyes...I have mixed feelings over his face being multi-colored. I  Love his mane, I used a Clump of tie-dyed Merino that I got with my Drum Carder.Bat wing GoblinBat twig

He can be seen on Etsy as well.


Aubrey said...

I've dyed wool with just straight kool aid before, no vinegar ( and it worked really well. Smelled nice too.

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