Saturday, June 27, 2009

Lime Green Goblin & Rainbow Flower

This is my most recent project which is now basically completed. Lime Green Woolie Wog Goblin and his Rainbow Flower Creature. I started off with the batch of Lime Green Kool-Aid Dyed wool I made on Father's Day. My intentions were to make him smaller then my last few Goblins, since I had received a few Etsy requests for "more affordable priced" Goblins.  What I came up with in the end was a 9" from sitting postion tall Goblin. Which makes him my second biggest creation. Yikes! Oh well, he is really cute. George then wanted me to have him hold a flower. I came up with the face and we both decided that it should have rainbow petals. Every color came from my own batch of Kool-Aid dyed wool. The best part for me making this little guy was working with the super soft Merino which I bought from Aurelia Wool located in Merrit BC.  I love using this stuff for the mane and tummy. It is so fine and silky. The colors are fun too! I did the horns a few different colors and then ended up with the pink candy striped ones you see in the picture. I wanted wings on him, but was worried he would look like a Dragon, so I just used a spray of Fantasy Fiber, unfortunaly you can not tell from the pictures, but it does add amazing glitz and sparkle. I did one toe yellow and orange stipped. I had intentions on doing all the toes, but in the end liked the quirky look of only having one strippey "Lucky" toe. I finished this Goblin in record time too. What usually took  me a week only took me about two nights. This I attribute to not having a wire armature, pipe cleaners or jointed limbs. I liked it way better with out the mechanics on the inside. I was still able to attach the flower to his hand, and keep one hand free to pose. My favorite Goblin Yet!

These two are available on Etsy!



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