Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pink Lemonade Fantasy Lion

This little lion was inspired again by a carded batt I found down at Knotty By Nature on Government Street. It was a mix of Corridale, Merino and white silk. I loved that they mixed Soft lemon pale pinks, Raspberry and White. It made me think of a soft little lion.  So my little lion was born. It could not be a Tanglewood Thicket Creature without wings. So I created some glass like wings from Fantasy Film and fiber. My favourite part is his soft crazy Mane, and his white merino tummy. I have had people say he looks sad. I guess he kinda does. I may do some more lions. I just had so much fun making him! I came across a Needle Felt Contest for newbies. So I entered him. I think the contest ends this Saturday. So, we will see how he does.Pink Lemonade Fantasy Lion

He can be adopted from Etsy.


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