Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rainbow Goblin

My second Goblin was inspired by the Merino I bought from Beehive here in Victoria.  It came from Aurelia Wool in Merrit BC. The twist was called Jelly Bean. It was an amazing mix of vibrant teals, pinks and blues. The main body of the color was a brilliant  Orange. I picked it because it is my husband George's favourite color is Orange. I pulled the twist apart and made the main body from the the Orange, then I used the rest to detail the mane, tail and tummy. I added a dark Magenta and Royal Purple to create a super gradation on his finger and toes. half was through I had cut his arms off and then re attached them with bamboo thread. So his arms are now fully jointed. In the end I loved him, but felt he looked more like a crazy lion.

He now lives in California.

Orange Rainbow Goblinmane


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