Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sunset Goblin

There is a little guy I finished today. He came together really fast. Again I used my own batch of wool I bought from a farm up Island. Dyed with Orange Kool Aid. I took scraps of merino I had and carded the made on my drum carder. I added lemon Angelina Sparkle to the mane, and Peach to the tummy fur. I love the detail. It really is like painting to me, but with a needle instead of a brush. It helps to have all the colors on hand, then I can have a huge range when designing these little guys. My husband wants me to come up with a series of Flower Goblins. Basically same concept, but with petals around the face. Snap Dragon Goblin, Pansy Goblin...etc, etc. Good idea for sure, although I have so many more ideas to hash out before I can start a series. Plus, I want to start my wonderland series. I am really excited to start doing some darker Alice Characters. Stay Tooned!


Sunset Goblin is available on Etsy



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