Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Woolie Wog Goblins...

So, after doing about a half dozen small scale projects to learn how my needles work and what I can do to manipulate wool, I started a little blue Goblin with detailed eyes and soft fingers and toes. I really enjoyed sculpting him. I say sculpting because I basically used my needles, fingers and hands to work the wool into my desired design. It was alot like working with Polymer actually. Although without the sore hands after. I bought a two ounce braid of blue and purple dyed wool from "Fleece-Artist" down at Beehive. From one braid and a little white, I was able to complete my first Woolie Wog Goblin. Which has me making more because I love the fact that they can all look so different and I can go crazy with the colors. I can add wings, manes, horns and whatever else I can think of. How exciting!

This first Goblin took me awhile, but only because my Bailey-Bear takes up all but two hours of my time a night. (literally) since she is still waking up atleast three times a night. OMG!!!

Goblin is for sale on Etsy.


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