Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Violet Goblin and Ladybug

This is a little Goblin I made in which I wanted her to have a pet Ladybug. I loved giving the Baby Goblin a companion so much that I think I will continue to give these little goblins their own sidekick. The Ladybug was of course George's idea. I made this Goblin out of Kool-Aid dyed wool. The hair is so pretty but I was not able to capture it in the pictures. It's so pale and Ghost like. Pale lilacs, pinks and lavender with a hint of bamboo in hot pink. It's kissed with my favourite Angelina Fiber, Mother of Pearl. I decided not to attach the ladybug as I had did to Lime Green Goblin and His Rainbow Flower. This way they can be posed in different poses. I did the wings very frail and delicate from soft merino and sparkle wool. They have no support and are very .100_1952100_1933



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