Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainbow Toe Sock Goblin Girl

This is a new series of Goblins I am creating. Seven in total. Every color of the rainbow. I loved Rainbow Toe socks as a teen, although they did kill my toes! My husband just reminded me of them when he bought those new horrid looking rinning shoes from Mountain Equipment Co-op. The shoes that are black, rubbery and have TOES! OMG they are sooo horrible to look at. Obviously he can’t wear socks with them, and they have no ankle support, so when he wears them they make him look like he has dipped his feet in black tar! Hilarious actually! So, his new shoes inspired me to make Rainbow Toe Sock Goblins!

This little Goblin girl is my Blue Goblin. She has big purple eyes which I normally don’t do, but tried it again anyhow. She has a very bashful shy look on her face. What is she thinking? Her hair is Hot pink Bamboo Fiber splashed with Watermelon Angelina Fiber.


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