Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainbow Sherbet Rainbow Dragon

When is a Lion not a lion? How about when he is a Dragon.

This is the newest addition of the Tanglewood Thicket Family. Finished as of today. Wow. A full week and then some of creating this little guy. He was supposed to be my Rainbow Sherbet Lion. I had been thinking about him for some time, and after making Pink Lemonade Lion, I wanted to do a couple more. I also want to do Cotton Candy Lion. But, once I started making the form of this little guy it was clear he wanted to be something more then a Lion...So, Dragon was born instead. I would have prefered to do a Lion this week. Man, it was a crazy week. Bailey, our 13 month old is still not walking on her own, but wants nothing more to walk every minute of every hour. This means, mom is bend over with one finger being held onto for dear life while we circle the house, the back yard, the deck, down the road to the beach, to the village. You get the point, and I am tired just thinking about what is to come tomorrow. More of the same I suspect. Oh, and I forgot to mention all of the accidents that poor baby indured. Rough week. So why did I take on a project with such detail? Hmmm. I am crazy. There is a reason I have been called Crazy Kase for a lot of my life.

Anyway, Baby Dragon is very detailed. I went crazy with the Rainbow Sherbet Lime Green, Peach and Pale pink...I also went biserk with the Angelina Fiber. You can't tell from my pictures, but this Dragon is just as flashy as a mirror ball. I love that stuff. I must have been a crow in my past life because if it's bright and it sparkles it's for me. Funny that I don't wear or buy jewelly though.

I made His wings with Key Lime Fantasy Film, but George says it does not suite the creatures so I think I will retire that medium for a bit. I must say working with the film is sure a million times faster then felting wings. Plus, lets not forget all the broken needles from the wire armatures within the wing.

Wow, it was a good week too. Kaleidiscope and Fire-Star were adopted and they are moving to Austrailia! Lucky Goblins!

This Dragon can been see in the Fairy Tale section of my Etsy Store!


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