Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fire-Star Goblin

well as of today, I found time to finish this new Goblin (between changing diaperas, preparing snacks and having a tiny hand pull me around the house for hours upon end. Uhggg. Bailey is so close to walking, but not that confident yet. She always wants to be walking, which means I need to hold her hand. If I let go..she whales and screams to the point of throwing her whole body on the floor and sometimes hard enough to smack her head. Did I say Uhhggggg! already.) Anyway, I found an hour today to fine tune Fire-Star Goblin, cut away all her woolly strays and bits which drive me mad...and get some nice pictures of her. I must say she was a breeze to photograph. As you can tell I am not that great at pictures, but I am pleased with the results all the same. I had made this little goblin back in June. I bought another Brian Froud book for my collection and George had gone through it and found a little goblin he liked and asked me to do something like it. Well, weeks passed and at the time "he"...(yes this girl goblin was born a he) not only looked nothing like a Froud Goblin, but also was pretty boring and a little ugly. Which, I know Goblins are supposed to be, but not mine. They are charming and adorable! So I gave him a knew nose...new eyes and after giving him a huge hair cut I added beautiful and amazing Bamboo hair which I had bought from an Etsy Seller called Fiber Lady. She says as of today that she will discontinue Berry Blend which is what I bought. I love it that much, I may buy what ever she has left just to make sure I have more in the future. This Goblin is not jointed or bendable, but I think she is very charming and magical. I am excited to see if anyone will adopt her soon! Guess we will see!

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