Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twilight Mist Goblin

Twilight Goblin was born today. Although he was in the making since last Sunday. When I originally set out to make this creature I knew two things. I wanted him chubby and I wanted him holding a large gooey lollipop like the ones you get...(well I always got) at Disney Land or really amazing Candy Stores. I wired his arms and his stubby fingers with pipe-cleaners so that there was firm support when holding a lollipop. I wanted the lolli to be shiny and glossy. So I set out to make it with polymer clay. The effect was awesome. But, since I made it the same size as his face, which was kinda the point to begin with, it was far to heavy for him to hold. *SIGH* So, I set out to make a felted lollipop. Well two days later and lots of frustration and tedious work, I gave up. Even when laced with Hologram Angelina Fiber to give is a gloss like sparkle, it was not the look I had imagined for this little Goblin. So I tossed both lollies away. Now, Twilight Mist Goblin is just his charming self alone. His body is fat and very squishy. Not like the firm rock hard bodies I have previously done. Four wings made from two colors of Fantasy Fiber, a super long soft tail and pretty horns make this Goblin one of my favourites. This little guy is made from wool I bought from a vendor at the Moss Street Market a few blocks from my house. Which I was supposed to be a vendor in myself, but decided this would not be a good year for me to sell my Goblins and other felties. The wool is from New Zealand and is by far my favourite so far. Super white and super clean. I used a denim blue wool dye for his body. His hair is drum carded merino, corridale and Angelina Sparkle. I used denim blue wool dye for his body. His hair is drum carded merino, corridale and hologram Angelina Sparkle. His legs are also bendable.

He is 10" tall from bum to horn and 16" from toe to tail tip.

He can be found on Etsy!



aubrey said...

fat and likes candy... did you model this one after andy?

Andy said...

Twilight goblin? so is this guy going to bite my neck and make teenagers squeal?

tanglewoodthicket said...

Hahaha! Actually. The Candy part. I thought Andy would like him. But since I could not pull off the candy I never bothered to have him approved by the candy man himself.
Do you guys read all my posts?

tanglewoodthicket said...

Okay Okay Okay!!! I knew..KNEW...This would be the case when I named him Twilight. Grrrr. Truth be told, I am not that creative when it comes to naming these, I keep a Benjamin Moore paint fan in my wool basket and when it comes time to name them I match the color with the wool and whaaa-la~ Twilight was born. However, he was very close to being named Harbour Fog! George, dear George really wanted Twilight. So to throw the vampire scent off I added mist.
Ahhhhhhhhhh Man! I just knew it!

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