Friday, August 7, 2009

Twinkle Toe Goblin

To Joint or not to Joint....Well after many many weeks working on this little goblin and jointing his arms and legs and then cutting them off and reattaching them over and over again I am finally finished. Wow, what a pain in the ass this amazing little goblin was. He started out as a teal mix of merino and silk drum carded to look soft and airy. But the over all effect was really muddy, so I covered his whole body in teal corridale. That was hard work. Very time consuming and not very rewarding. I wanted him to be jointed at the arms and legs, but something I was doing made him look very odd and lop sided, so I would cut off his arms and then a couple of days later try and re joint him. He is solid as a rock. But since I layered so many layers of wool over his wire armature his legs no longer bend at the knee, or arms at the elbow. Which in the end is not a problem because he still sits very nicely and since he is a larger scale goblin it works out. His toes and fingers are still bendable though which I really like. I love it when they can hold their toes or clasp their hands. I went crazy with the color. Hours upon hours of detail with color went

into his new constructed face and horns. My favourite park of this goblin was his rainbow toes. The remind me those candy astro pops in the 80's. His hair is super soft bamboo which is a brillant blueberry, raspberry and grape. I went wild with the Angelina Fiber in two colors to add so real magic!


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