Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Custom Dragon & Dragonfly

This is a custom Dragon ordered on Etsy. I call him Ocean Wonders Dragon, not because he lives in the ocean, but because the customer asked that the colors be of a Ocean theme. I love custom orders for two reasons, first I love the surprise element or not knowing what the client will want and second I love shopping or hand dying the colors I need for a project. For this Dragon, I made him a lot like Rainbow Sherbet Dragon, although as per my husbands request I changed the wings a tiny bit. This Dragon is denim blue. His feet pads are Seafoam, baby blue, teal and leaf green. You can't tell from my bad pictures, but those areas as well as the horns are laced with Angelina is Mother of Pearl. I had a lot of fun looking for him Mane. I went to my favourite store here in Victoria, Knotty by Nature and picked up some smokey teal Merino and some Peacock Angelina. I love that I can buy that local! Then I popped over to Beehive and purchased the most amazing roving. It's from Fleece Artist and it's a mix of Merino and Silk. It is Teal, white, smokey blue, greys and a bit of moss green. It's so soft and awsome. I normally don't buy those colors, but I just love it on the Dragon. The customer also wanted the Dragon holding a Dragonfly. The one in the pictures is the first one I made, but both the customer and I both thought it was too large. So he will be set aside and a new smaller one is being made.

I am taking more Dragon orders. Choose your theme and colors!


Serendipity Handmade said...

All I can say is WOW! You are really, really talented. I love it!

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