Saturday, September 19, 2009

Magic Rainbow Pin-Wheel Goblin

This is my latest Creation. I finished her today as I have been taking brief breaks from Custom orders this week. I have a attention span of a flea these days. So, I'll start a project, or be mid project and I will need to stop and start something else. This Creation is actually a Goblin I already had. You can see her under Goblin Girl and Dragonfly. My husband George has been hounding me for weeks now to change her hair color and add some accents to her to jazz her up. I don't think he expected what I was about to do. It took me almost 20 hours just to detail her face, body and hands, create new horns and give her new toe socks and a mane. But she is so worth it. I just love her. In fact I had almost convince myself that she was mine last night when I set her on my night table with her long rainbow legs dangling off the edge. I bought some soya silk from Knotty By Nature which I also love to work with. It make her mane so soft. I used some many colors. I didn't hold back on the Angelina Fiber either. I used Watermelon, Hologram, Black Onyx, Ruby Red, Peacock Blue and Mother Of Pearl. I am hoping to eventually have all 48 colors. I don't create to my full potential until I have a "full box of crayons" as they say.

I have put her up for adoption on Etsy.

I'm off to work on custom ordered Dragonfly followed by another custom Rainbow Goblin due to be finished in two weeks. I'll still find time for Muffet and Spider. Looks like they will be my only Halloween creations this season. Then moving on to Mermaids and Sea Monsters.


Lindsey said...

Love your work, so adorable!

BIKY said...

I like very much your work

gengen said...

It is cool art... Visiting from My craft Corner.

joyce said...

As always, the colors are juicy! She has a wonderfully sweet expression! Cannot wait to see mermaids. I am working on my own sea serpent at the moment as well.


dreamkeeperfae said...

Hi Kasey, I got and now I nominate you for the kreativ blogger, you can look for details on my blog, love Andrea

Jo's Place said...

OMG I just discovered your wee creations and they are stunning. I'm in love with every single one of them. You are so lucky to be so talented. Can't wait to see your new creations :)

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