Thursday, September 3, 2009

Tomboy Goblin Girl and Bullfrog

This is my newest Goblin. Tomboy Goblin Girl and her pet Bullfrog. Just finished this afternoon. Goblin girl is wearing Denim Jean overalls which is basically my attempt to make clothes but without a needle and thread. Since I can not sew, I basically felted a pattern for overalls and then felted the shape onto the Goblin Girl. Worked out nice. I would have loved more details such as stitching and or real buttons, but I got tied up with the Frog and just wanted to finish her off and start my new project. She is Aqua green which I used Wilton’s cake icing colouring to make. The frog gave me a bit of trouble because I made his legs so long, but in the end I think he workd out well. Next time I think I will add wire to make him bendable.

My next project will be a Halloween Party Goblin Girl.

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