Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Morning Star Goblin

Morning Star Goblin is finished...well almost. Uhhg. I thought he was finished, but while taking pictures I noticed I did not add the orange and yellow stripes to one of his curly horns. That in it's self will take a few hours. Morning star is a custom order that I received weeks ago. He was of course inspired by Pin Wheel as per the customer's request. The difference was that he needed to be in the purple, blue, green spectrum of the rainbow. I again did not use wire for his cork screw horns, and I kinda regret it this time around. I made the length so long that they kept falling out of shape after a few days which made them look like two long striped dread-locks. But I have worked them over and over and over again and so far so good. I have three more orders for Pin-Wheel type goblins...Dear god! And I think i'll use wire just to speed up the process. The count down is on as of November 1st. Canada Post says I need all orders going anywhere other then Canada shipped before or on December 1st in order to make it for Christmas. Do I even dare to say out load how many creatures I have to finish before then? It's not a pretty number.

Well Off to work on Gum Drop Goblin. Alteast she has arms, legs, horns and a head and body.


CaityMae said...

I want a whole army of these cute things!!! =]
Amazing work!!!

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