Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ravelry Sweet Swap!

Um, so anyone that knows me knows I am addicted to Candy. So much so that when I stumbled upon a Sweet Swap on I had to jump at the opportunity. I can never ever give up the chance for Candy and especially new candies or any candy from the States. So I swaped Candy with my new very sweet Swedish friend Anna. It was lots of fun shopping for someone who has never had our Canadian and North American Candy. I would have bought one of everything I could find if candy didn't weight so much was not so darn expensive to ship. In the end my box going to her had to be trimmed down just so I could keep the shipping under $50.00. Ouch!!!! My box from Anna arrived last week while George's mom and dad were here which was great timing. Can you imagine a large 5 pound plus box of Candy plopped in your lap? I can! That's the problem. Anyways, they managed to help me get rid of a lot of it. Which was awesome. Halloween is already a bad time of year for my will power...:)
So here is a picture of my awesome swedish Sweets!

My favourites things were the Chewy stale tasting rubbery marshmellow candies shaped like cars, The Kex and Plopp Bar, The Marabou Hazelnut bites, the Carmel Shoe String Licorice and the Violia candies which tastes like those little soap candies you can get at the Sweet Factory.
Not so Wonderful was the Tutti-Frutti pill like candies which I actually thought were cough drops because of their packaging, the super sour salty black licorice bites. I have yet to eat the little package of liquid chocolate. I'm thinking it goes on toast? could I forget about those little chocolate Aloha balls that reminded me of Milk Duds but were a creamy hazelnut-coconut combo. Amazing when frozen and they shatter when bitten.

I am definatly looking forward to another Sweet Swap soon!!!


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