Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snow Cone Goblin

Snow Cone Goblin...Why? Because I was thinking of snow cones when I created this creature. Well, I lie. I did not spend 83 hours thinking of snow cones. It was more like 83 seconds, but who's counting? I had a custom order placed through my Etsy Store in the begining of September and I am finally finished. The Customer wanted something a lot like Twinkle Toe Goblin. Although she had her own ideas too. She really loved the colors but added that she loves hot pink and Orange. I ended up being out of the Awesome stash of Berry Bamboo I had so I went shopping on Etsy. The 8oz I bought special for this custom order were not like the pictures the Etsy seller posted. Oh No! And I had already waited almost two weeks. So this Goblin took on a whole new look. I had to brighten his face and added more highlights to make up for the pastel bamboo I used for his mane. I think he turned out great. But I still like Twinkle Toes more.

This Goblin is every color of the rainbow. I'm getting more skilled with Color Bleeding with each new goblin. I still hate felting over wire though.

Well Just sent the pictures to the customer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes him. If not well, he was fun to make anyway!


Gail Burton said...

How incredibly cute!! If your customer doesn't like him (as if) send him my way!

Gail x

Lindsey said...

so cute! love the eyes.

Joyce Compton said...

Kasey, gorgeous! I can't say anything more than I have said to you before, you have an incredible sense of color & form and your execution is wonderful. When do you quit your day job to do this full time?! You ROCK!

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