Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starry Night Goblin

Well here is my fourth completed Custom Order for Christmas. I actually had this order from a previous Etsy Customer. I guess she loved Twilight Goblin so much she had to have another. Addicting creatures they are! The criteria for this Goblin was that he has to be BLUE!!!! blue blue and then some more blue. With of course a rainbow face and accents. He was modeled off of Twinkle Toe Goblin and is very similar to him but a different face, horns etc. I never know what people expect when they see one Goblin they love and then ask me to do something similar. Do they want the exact same Goblin? Do they no I could not duplicate another Goblin if my life depended on it? I never know and I always hold my breath after I send the customer pictures. I recieved great reviews from the Customer who adopted Snow Cone Goblin, so that in itself has made my week. I love positive feedback!!!!

So, keeping my fingers crossed that I have made another Custom Customer Smile!

Wish me luck!


DawnS/Oddfae said...

I just love these guys!!

Gail Burton said...

Lol...he is AMAZING! I love these little goblins - though they don't look small from my perspective? What a happy start to my day!

Gail x

Lindsey said...

Love it!! :)

CelticCastOn said...

Just found you over on rav. Your work is frickin amazing!!! I want to pet them all!

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