Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goth Girl!

Something totally different! This is what I call Goth Girl. She may have a name, but I don't know what it is. This was a special custom order that I took for Christmas. This order was different because the concept, design and drawing were already done. I did not have to dive into my own imagination to conceive her. The above picture is the original concept drawing by 16 year old up and coming artist Chelsea Ferguson who lives way over in PEI. I had a lot of fun making my first Needle Felt Doll which was not a goblin or creature. It made me really want to get started on my Mermaids. But first the customs. Goth Girl is needle felted all the way from her head to her Mary-Janes. Where I cheated was the skirt, the shoe laces and the cape. Initially I tried to needle felt these items and the result was pretty gross. They looked awful. So I went out to find felt sheets. Do you think I could find black anywhere? In all of Victoria I was unable to find one sheet of plain black felt. So, she has a black sorta stiff Glittery skirt. I guess felt art by the sheet is very popular. I had no idea.
I used polymer clay to make her corn chopper. Haha.

I do wonder what the story behind this Goth Girl is. Why is she holding a scythe and is also hanging from a noose? I guess I'll never know. I hope that I did Chelsea's Goth girl Justice and did not butcher her little work of art.

Another Christmas custom order in my past. More to follow....


Anonymous said...

Goth Girl is awesome..and I know that Chelsea will be speechless when she opens her up on Christmas morning!!

Sam said...

oh wow! .. i do love your creations and watch in awww

she is wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kasey....this is Angie...I have no idea how to work this blogging stuff....lol...I received Goth Girl today in the mail...and I must say;...that when I opened the box.....(loved the artwork on the wrapping) she literally took my breath away....I know that Chelsea will love her and will certainly appreciate the comments in your note to her. I will keep you posted on her reaction at Christmas!! Thanks Again!!

Anonymous said...

Goth Girl is amazing! And so is Chelsea...she's not only artistically creative, but beautiful, smart, funny, and sweet!

Her proud mother :)

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