Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pixie Stix Goblin

New to TangleWood Thicket is Pixie Stix Goblin. She is a custom creation for a little girl named Alanna in Eastern Canada. Her mom and dad ordered two creations for each of their girls for Christmas. How excited I was to get not one but two custom orders from one customer. I was more flattered then anything. I never fail to be amazed with each custom request I get. I started this goblin back in October but she was set aside while I finished Snow Cone, Morning Star and Starry Night Goblin. I am excited she is finally finished and love her turn out. This time around I used accents of super soft hand dyed Merino I obtained from a Ravelry Fiber Swap. I received a envelope of amazing rainbow colours to sample from South Africa. The colors were perfect for this rainbow creature.

I actually made a big mistake when making this goblin. She was supposed to be a medium size goblin, which means less time and sold for less. I am so sleep deprived from Bailey's constant wakings and lack of naps that I am making stupid silly mistakes. I mean, it's an okay mistake because I don't need to start over, and it's not like the customer won't get what she wanted...but still. I am trying not to beat myself up over it. Sleep is the answer to this problem though. Does not help that I like my alone time so when Bailey finally is asleep I use any ounce of time to felt, watch smutty TV and Read...Yes, I am trying to cram two books at once. One being Bridget Jones Diary .( This past weekend I poked a lot to make a dent in my Christmas orders. I was delighted that it was grey and rainy out and that Bridget Jones 1 and 2 was one Back to Back not just Saturday, but Sunday Too...So I worked to the sounds of endless hours of Rene's Voice and sneak Peeks of Colin Firth...Hmmm Colin Firth. My husband thinks he is a step up from my usual crushes. Jack Black, Anthony Edwards, Tom green, Rick Moranis, Richard Dryfus. I could go on...) Oh and the other book is by Denise Mina. It's a Scottish Thriller Mystery type.

Next to be completed is Red Dragon....


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Love the face and wings...=-)

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