Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Goblin Girl and Dragonfly

Well, I started this little girl as a special request from an Etsy customer, but in the end the customer could only afford one Goblin and so since she had already purchased Lime Goblin and Flower, she had to leave Goblin Girl behind. But, that is okay, because I think she is cute enough that someone will see her and want to adopt her. Plus, I love this pair and I have them displayed on my dining room hutch. They really make me smile. When ever I do a baby or little girl..which I have actually only completed two now, they look so much like Bailey that it's hard for me to part with them. Ha, when I say they look so much like her, I don't mean to say my one year old is green with horns...Although she has entered Tantrum phase and sometimes I think she could sprout horns any moment now. I just mean that Bailey's eyes and expressions seem to make it into my creations.

I made this Goblin with the intention of making her the same size as Baby and Rag Doll, but she is my biggest Goblin to date. Her Dragonfly alone is 6" long. I loved making the Dragonfly and I think I will branch off with maybe mobiles or something like that. When taking pictures of it outside the Wings just dazzled in the sunlight. It was amazing!

Since Goblin girl was so large and gangly, I had to reinforce her legs and arms with wire. Grrrrr. Have I mentioned I hate wire? It always costs me atleast three needles per creation. Oh well, this pair was worth the three needles I had to scarafice.

The Colors of Goblin Girl were requested by the customer who had wanted her. She has soft leaf green skin, a soft mernio and white tummy and awesome mixed purple hair! Two tone horns and a blue and teal Dragonfly!100_20422close

Yup...They are on Etsy!

Violet Goblin and Ladybug

This is a little Goblin I made in which I wanted her to have a pet Ladybug. I loved giving the Baby Goblin a companion so much that I think I will continue to give these little goblins their own sidekick. The Ladybug was of course George's idea. I made this Goblin out of Kool-Aid dyed wool. The hair is so pretty but I was not able to capture it in the pictures. It's so pale and Ghost like. Pale lilacs, pinks and lavender with a hint of bamboo in hot pink. It's kissed with my favourite Angelina Fiber, Mother of Pearl. I decided not to attach the ladybug as I had did to Lime Green Goblin and His Rainbow Flower. This way they can be posed in different poses. I did the wings very frail and delicate from soft merino and sparkle wool. They have no support and are very .100_1952100_1933


Monday, July 13, 2009

Wishing Well Goblin


Wishing Well Goblin is my latest creation. Actually, I have been working on him for about two months off and on. He once was made Green and Orange tie dyed Merino. He had smaller eyes, only a lower lip with big pointy teeth and green hair. He also had jointed arms a legs. He looks a lot different now. His Merino body covered with Kool-Aid dyed wool I dyed myself, a new snout and a ton of rainbow accents.  I made this one with felted wings. It was something I wanted to try...although I should have added wire to make them bendable. Next time.

Goblin is 9" tall from bum to head.

He is available on etsy.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

kaleidscope Goblin

Here is my new Goblin. Kaleidscope because of his bright cheerful colorful self.  Felted with more of the hand Dyed wool from Qualicum Beach BC, this time dyed with Wilton's Icing Dye in teal. I love dying with that stuff. It is too much fun. I can't wait to do more. I made this little Goblin a little more primitive then normally. I wanted to get it in a price point that was a little more affordable.  I hand carded the mane with merino. Rainbow Mane and Tail made me think of a Kaleidscope, so wa-la...he was born! I made this guy with 4 horns which I added a pretty teal-green gradation to. However, I covered it up with "hair".100_1644100_1655

he is availiable on Etsy!