Friday, August 28, 2009

Orange Rainbow Toe Sock Goblin

This Goblin finished today at 5pm is Orange Rainbow Toe Sock Goblin. 2 of 7 Goblins from this series. He is posed in a sitting position with his arms and hands placed behind him. His feet are BIG and of course he has on his fun Rainbow toe socks. My last Blue Toe Sock Goblin only lasted four days on Etsy. Maybe he'll be around a little longer. I had thought I could do a group shot of them all when I was finished. I never dreamed one would sell do fast. Luck!

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rainbow Toe Sock Goblin Girl

This is a new series of Goblins I am creating. Seven in total. Every color of the rainbow. I loved Rainbow Toe socks as a teen, although they did kill my toes! My husband just reminded me of them when he bought those new horrid looking rinning shoes from Mountain Equipment Co-op. The shoes that are black, rubbery and have TOES! OMG they are sooo horrible to look at. Obviously he can’t wear socks with them, and they have no ankle support, so when he wears them they make him look like he has dipped his feet in black tar! Hilarious actually! So, his new shoes inspired me to make Rainbow Toe Sock Goblins!

This little Goblin girl is my Blue Goblin. She has big purple eyes which I normally don’t do, but tried it again anyhow. She has a very bashful shy look on her face. What is she thinking? Her hair is Hot pink Bamboo Fiber splashed with Watermelon Angelina Fiber.

Fiery Goblin Inspired by Jim Henson's Labyrinth

This is my latest Fiber Creation. My own version of of a Labyrinth Firey (Fiery)? from Jim Henson’s 1986 movie “The Labyrinth”

Although not identical, I think this guy is pretty special. Only after I was almost finished with him did my husband suggest I make it possible to attach and detach his head. Damn! Maybe next time. Although this guy took me weeks upon weeks to finish. A lot to live up to I guess. It was awesome to to the detailing and hair. Always my favourite part. It was hard to photograph this guy since he’s so long and spindly.

Thanks Stephanie at Knotty By Nature for bringing me more Mulberry Wool in so I could finally finish this Goblin! ?:)

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rainbow Sherbet Rainbow Dragon

When is a Lion not a lion? How about when he is a Dragon.

This is the newest addition of the Tanglewood Thicket Family. Finished as of today. Wow. A full week and then some of creating this little guy. He was supposed to be my Rainbow Sherbet Lion. I had been thinking about him for some time, and after making Pink Lemonade Lion, I wanted to do a couple more. I also want to do Cotton Candy Lion. But, once I started making the form of this little guy it was clear he wanted to be something more then a Lion...So, Dragon was born instead. I would have prefered to do a Lion this week. Man, it was a crazy week. Bailey, our 13 month old is still not walking on her own, but wants nothing more to walk every minute of every hour. This means, mom is bend over with one finger being held onto for dear life while we circle the house, the back yard, the deck, down the road to the beach, to the village. You get the point, and I am tired just thinking about what is to come tomorrow. More of the same I suspect. Oh, and I forgot to mention all of the accidents that poor baby indured. Rough week. So why did I take on a project with such detail? Hmmm. I am crazy. There is a reason I have been called Crazy Kase for a lot of my life.

Anyway, Baby Dragon is very detailed. I went crazy with the Rainbow Sherbet Lime Green, Peach and Pale pink...I also went biserk with the Angelina Fiber. You can't tell from my pictures, but this Dragon is just as flashy as a mirror ball. I love that stuff. I must have been a crow in my past life because if it's bright and it sparkles it's for me. Funny that I don't wear or buy jewelly though.

I made His wings with Key Lime Fantasy Film, but George says it does not suite the creatures so I think I will retire that medium for a bit. I must say working with the film is sure a million times faster then felting wings. Plus, lets not forget all the broken needles from the wire armatures within the wing.

Wow, it was a good week too. Kaleidiscope and Fire-Star were adopted and they are moving to Austrailia! Lucky Goblins!

This Dragon can been see in the Fairy Tale section of my Etsy Store!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fire-Star Goblin

well as of today, I found time to finish this new Goblin (between changing diaperas, preparing snacks and having a tiny hand pull me around the house for hours upon end. Uhggg. Bailey is so close to walking, but not that confident yet. She always wants to be walking, which means I need to hold her hand. If I let go..she whales and screams to the point of throwing her whole body on the floor and sometimes hard enough to smack her head. Did I say Uhhggggg! already.) Anyway, I found an hour today to fine tune Fire-Star Goblin, cut away all her woolly strays and bits which drive me mad...and get some nice pictures of her. I must say she was a breeze to photograph. As you can tell I am not that great at pictures, but I am pleased with the results all the same. I had made this little goblin back in June. I bought another Brian Froud book for my collection and George had gone through it and found a little goblin he liked and asked me to do something like it. Well, weeks passed and at the time "he"...(yes this girl goblin was born a he) not only looked nothing like a Froud Goblin, but also was pretty boring and a little ugly. Which, I know Goblins are supposed to be, but not mine. They are charming and adorable! So I gave him a knew eyes and after giving him a huge hair cut I added beautiful and amazing Bamboo hair which I had bought from an Etsy Seller called Fiber Lady. She says as of today that she will discontinue Berry Blend which is what I bought. I love it that much, I may buy what ever she has left just to make sure I have more in the future. This Goblin is not jointed or bendable, but I think she is very charming and magical. I am excited to see if anyone will adopt her soon! Guess we will see!

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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Group Shot!

Here is a picture of the Gang before they go in there separate directions. My husband liked the idea of lining them up on our hutch for a quick photo shoot. I also thought it made a good listing picture for a custom goblin on Etsy. Although dark, I think it shows the range of Goblins I have and can create.


Friday, August 7, 2009

And...He's gone!


Wow...less then two hours listed on etsy..and only 39 views later, and he's sold. Adopted. Now that is a record!


Twinkle Toe Goblin

To Joint or not to Joint....Well after many many weeks working on this little goblin and jointing his arms and legs and then cutting them off and reattaching them over and over again I am finally finished. Wow, what a pain in the ass this amazing little goblin was. He started out as a teal mix of merino and silk drum carded to look soft and airy. But the over all effect was really muddy, so I covered his whole body in teal corridale. That was hard work. Very time consuming and not very rewarding. I wanted him to be jointed at the arms and legs, but something I was doing made him look very odd and lop sided, so I would cut off his arms and then a couple of days later try and re joint him. He is solid as a rock. But since I layered so many layers of wool over his wire armature his legs no longer bend at the knee, or arms at the elbow. Which in the end is not a problem because he still sits very nicely and since he is a larger scale goblin it works out. His toes and fingers are still bendable though which I really like. I love it when they can hold their toes or clasp their hands. I went crazy with the color. Hours upon hours of detail with color went

into his new constructed face and horns. My favourite park of this goblin was his rainbow toes. The remind me those candy astro pops in the 80's. His hair is super soft bamboo which is a brillant blueberry, raspberry and grape. I went wild with the Angelina Fiber in two colors to add so real magic!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Twilight Mist Goblin

Twilight Goblin was born today. Although he was in the making since last Sunday. When I originally set out to make this creature I knew two things. I wanted him chubby and I wanted him holding a large gooey lollipop like the ones you get...(well I always got) at Disney Land or really amazing Candy Stores. I wired his arms and his stubby fingers with pipe-cleaners so that there was firm support when holding a lollipop. I wanted the lolli to be shiny and glossy. So I set out to make it with polymer clay. The effect was awesome. But, since I made it the same size as his face, which was kinda the point to begin with, it was far to heavy for him to hold. *SIGH* So, I set out to make a felted lollipop. Well two days later and lots of frustration and tedious work, I gave up. Even when laced with Hologram Angelina Fiber to give is a gloss like sparkle, it was not the look I had imagined for this little Goblin. So I tossed both lollies away. Now, Twilight Mist Goblin is just his charming self alone. His body is fat and very squishy. Not like the firm rock hard bodies I have previously done. Four wings made from two colors of Fantasy Fiber, a super long soft tail and pretty horns make this Goblin one of my favourites. This little guy is made from wool I bought from a vendor at the Moss Street Market a few blocks from my house. Which I was supposed to be a vendor in myself, but decided this would not be a good year for me to sell my Goblins and other felties. The wool is from New Zealand and is by far my favourite so far. Super white and super clean. I used a denim blue wool dye for his body. His hair is drum carded merino, corridale and Angelina Sparkle. I used denim blue wool dye for his body. His hair is drum carded merino, corridale and hologram Angelina Sparkle. His legs are also bendable.

He is 10" tall from bum to horn and 16" from toe to tail tip.

He can be found on Etsy!