Thursday, October 29, 2009

Etsy Treasury x 2!

I found my Goblins in not one but two Etsy Treasury selections today. How exciting. Even more exciting is what joins my Goblins...There are sooo many awesome interesting things. Eye candy to say the least. I want many of those items. It's like Christmas for me when I find I have made a Treasury!

Ya, so. Little things thrill me. So what?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Apparently Size Matters!

Oh! I forgot to add an important Picture or two. It was recently brought to my attention by my two very good friends Aubrey and Andy that they had no idea how big my creations were by looking at the pictures. When they saw them in person they were surprised that the Goblins were as big as there were. They suggested that I put something like a golf ball in the picture to show scale. So, I used a scale and an apple to help show the size. Hope it helps. I tried using my hand, but since I have been dying wool and since I am sloppy and don't use gloves my fingers are a little deathly looking in tones of blue and purples.

Oh and I took a shot of Starry Night and Morning Star Goblin together before they part ways!

Morning Star Goblin

Morning Star Goblin is finished...well almost. Uhhg. I thought he was finished, but while taking pictures I noticed I did not add the orange and yellow stripes to one of his curly horns. That in it's self will take a few hours. Morning star is a custom order that I received weeks ago. He was of course inspired by Pin Wheel as per the customer's request. The difference was that he needed to be in the purple, blue, green spectrum of the rainbow. I again did not use wire for his cork screw horns, and I kinda regret it this time around. I made the length so long that they kept falling out of shape after a few days which made them look like two long striped dread-locks. But I have worked them over and over and over again and so far so good. I have three more orders for Pin-Wheel type goblins...Dear god! And I think i'll use wire just to speed up the process. The count down is on as of November 1st. Canada Post says I need all orders going anywhere other then Canada shipped before or on December 1st in order to make it for Christmas. Do I even dare to say out load how many creatures I have to finish before then? It's not a pretty number.

Well Off to work on Gum Drop Goblin. Alteast she has arms, legs, horns and a head and body.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Ravelry Sweet Swap!

Um, so anyone that knows me knows I am addicted to Candy. So much so that when I stumbled upon a Sweet Swap on I had to jump at the opportunity. I can never ever give up the chance for Candy and especially new candies or any candy from the States. So I swaped Candy with my new very sweet Swedish friend Anna. It was lots of fun shopping for someone who has never had our Canadian and North American Candy. I would have bought one of everything I could find if candy didn't weight so much was not so darn expensive to ship. In the end my box going to her had to be trimmed down just so I could keep the shipping under $50.00. Ouch!!!! My box from Anna arrived last week while George's mom and dad were here which was great timing. Can you imagine a large 5 pound plus box of Candy plopped in your lap? I can! That's the problem. Anyways, they managed to help me get rid of a lot of it. Which was awesome. Halloween is already a bad time of year for my will power...:)
So here is a picture of my awesome swedish Sweets!

My favourites things were the Chewy stale tasting rubbery marshmellow candies shaped like cars, The Kex and Plopp Bar, The Marabou Hazelnut bites, the Carmel Shoe String Licorice and the Violia candies which tastes like those little soap candies you can get at the Sweet Factory.
Not so Wonderful was the Tutti-Frutti pill like candies which I actually thought were cough drops because of their packaging, the super sour salty black licorice bites. I have yet to eat the little package of liquid chocolate. I'm thinking it goes on toast? could I forget about those little chocolate Aloha balls that reminded me of Milk Duds but were a creamy hazelnut-coconut combo. Amazing when frozen and they shatter when bitten.

I am definatly looking forward to another Sweet Swap soon!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Starry Night Goblin

Well here is my fourth completed Custom Order for Christmas. I actually had this order from a previous Etsy Customer. I guess she loved Twilight Goblin so much she had to have another. Addicting creatures they are! The criteria for this Goblin was that he has to be BLUE!!!! blue blue and then some more blue. With of course a rainbow face and accents. He was modeled off of Twinkle Toe Goblin and is very similar to him but a different face, horns etc. I never know what people expect when they see one Goblin they love and then ask me to do something similar. Do they want the exact same Goblin? Do they no I could not duplicate another Goblin if my life depended on it? I never know and I always hold my breath after I send the customer pictures. I recieved great reviews from the Customer who adopted Snow Cone Goblin, so that in itself has made my week. I love positive feedback!!!!

So, keeping my fingers crossed that I have made another Custom Customer Smile!

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A little FAQ

(The Picture above is me. I created this Masquerade Costume for the 2007 Victoria Masquerade Ball. I set out to Win and I did! The Mask, Head Piece and Mermaid Wand was designed and sculpted by me using Leather, Glass, Glitter, Tulle, Feather, Shells and Pearl Ex. My Mermaid Scales were created by an amazing MAC makeup artist named Alexandra Otto.)

So, I have put myself and my Goblins and Fantasy Creatures out there...Way out there. I am networking pretty much everywhere I can. To get my store out there, and to network with other artists, also sad but true I don't have a lot of people in my personal life right now to share these with, so I share my art with other creative outlets. I 'm also an art junkie and I love to buy all forms of art and I love to discover new Artists. I have two blogs, Etsy Store, Flickr Account, Deviant Art, Ravelry, Twitter, Facebook, Craft Corner Etc...This means that I am getting a lot of feedback which is just soooo awesome. I am also getting asked the same few questions over and over again, so I thought I would post an FAQ on the top questions I get asked. So, here they are.

Who are you?: I'm Kasey, 31 living in Victoria BC Canada with my husband, 1 year old and little Pug Rylie. A Cancer. I love candy, theme parks, board games, Halloween, Horror movies, Fantasy, Muppets, Costume Parties, Theme Parties, Mini Golf, Waterslides, Karaokee, reading good books. My favourite day for me would be a rainy one, drinking a pumpkin latte & hanging out in a Children's book store.
What are these Creatures?: These creations are invented and designed in my own crazy mind...Sometimes my husband's crazy mine too. I love all Fantasy and Fairytale creatures. I make Goblins, Dragons, Pixies, Mermaids, Winged Lions, and so on...I work with Paper Clay, Polymer, Leather, Wool, Fiber, Paper etc..
What are these made of?: Solid Wool. No foam cores.
How do you make them? I Needle Felt these creatures with a single 36 or 38 gauge needle. I use my hands to mold and sculpt the wool where wire is not used. We own numerous multi tools but I break needles like a mad they now belong to my husband.
Where do you get the wool?: I buy BC grown wool right here in British Columbia from a local producer. I dye it myself using Kool-Aid and Wilton's Icing Dye.
Why?: I use Kool-Aid and Wilton's Icing Dye because A). It's cheap and easy B). It's easy to get almost anywhere. C). My Daughter and Pug often get into my mounds of Wool and projects and tend to put it in their mouths. I do sometimes use Acid dyes when I need black and intense purples, hot colors like pink.
What other kind of wool do you use?: I love Merino, Corredale, Soya Silk, Bamboo, Silk, Angelina and Firestar. I buy all of this from my Favourite store here in Victoria. Knotty By Nature. I am usually there once a week.
Do you use Foam or Stuffing?: No, I don't. I use solid wool. Do you felt over wire?: Yes. Sometimes I do. I do this when I want my creature to hold, hug, grasp, clasp, hold, etc. I even wire the toes for fun!
Where did you learn this?: I taught myself. I have been sculpting with my hands and different mediums for about 20 years now. I started when I was 10 with Fimo. I found needle felting while browsing Etsy and seeing all those Rainbow Wool Balls...They had me hooked! When I found myself less at the studio with my daughter I fell into a bit of what I think was undiagnosed Postpartum Depression. I used the act of stabbing wool and a major stress reliever...Worked amazingly!
You have an eye for color:Thank You! I should hope so! I am educated as an Interior Designer and I co-own an Interior Design firm here in Victoria. I am currently off raising my daughter right now so I have "some" spare time to do this.
When do you sleep?: Ha, yes..Indeed, when do I sleep? I do, but not a lot. But it's not because I am up felting all night long. My darling little monkey has only slept through the night three times in the last 15 months. I spend my evenings felting. It's a great way to relieve stress.
Do you offer patterns?: No, I don't.
Will You?: I don't think of these creatures as being made into patterns. My husband jokes about mass producing or getting someone else to make them. That would steal all the magic from them. They are truly one of a kind. If you were to adopt one, you would hav something no one else will ever have as well. Maybe someday I can help people make something similar, but considering I can't follow writen instructions if my life depended on it, I don't think I could create a pattern.
Where do you sell these?: My Etsy Store. But I will take orders by e-mail as well.
Do you do custom orders?: Yes.  But be prepared to wait. I have a bit of a waiting list that I work my way through. I love seeing new ideas pop up on www.tanglewoodthicket.etsy.come-mail.
How long does it take?: Depends on what you want, and how many other projects I have. Size is a huge factor..detailing. My Large goblins can take up near 150 plus hours.
How long does one creature take?: Well, some can take only a week. When I say that I mean a full week of 4-5 hours a day. My larger projects like my Fiery and Pinwheel Goblin took me months to finish. My last Project, Snow Cone Goblin took me 83 hours.
What do you charge?: It really depends on the creature. Jointed and wired creatures take me way longer obviously. My range is between 150-500.00 at the moment. The bigger the creatures and the more detail, the more time it will take.
Where do you get your inspiration and ideas?:  I love art and artist. I love Fantasy and I am a total kid at heart. I love Jim Henson, The Frouds, Tim Burton, Dave Mckean and countless others. There are too many to list.
Have you won any awards?: Just the best one of all.... Froud's Artist of the Month...Kinda a big deal for me since they are my heroes! 
Have you been in any publications?: Yes...Anne Louise Magazine in the UK. Soft Dolls and Bears by Scott Publications, and I have a little blurb in a felting book coming soon... And I am currently working with a few others. Ya!
Can I blog about Tanglewood?: Yes! Of course...Just let me know so I can check it out, post about it, tweet it..etc! Thank You! 
Can we do a trade?: Sorry, but unless the trade is free in home childcare for my two sweet brats then...I can't do it. These just take way to long, I pay for childcare to work...and I have way to many people back listed to indulge in anything fun like that... 

Where else can we find you:

Facebook Fan Page:

Please be patient if you have sent me a note on Deviant art, Pinterest, Raverly, Facebook, Twitter, Art Wanted, etsy or in my in box. I get very little time on my computer...and me, responding on my phone should be against the law. I am terrible at it.  

The new Facebook page timeline also has me always missing questions and comments...Please forgive me if I have missed a question or comment. Just keep nagging me!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Snow Cone Goblin

Snow Cone Goblin...Why? Because I was thinking of snow cones when I created this creature. Well, I lie. I did not spend 83 hours thinking of snow cones. It was more like 83 seconds, but who's counting? I had a custom order placed through my Etsy Store in the begining of September and I am finally finished. The Customer wanted something a lot like Twinkle Toe Goblin. Although she had her own ideas too. She really loved the colors but added that she loves hot pink and Orange. I ended up being out of the Awesome stash of Berry Bamboo I had so I went shopping on Etsy. The 8oz I bought special for this custom order were not like the pictures the Etsy seller posted. Oh No! And I had already waited almost two weeks. So this Goblin took on a whole new look. I had to brighten his face and added more highlights to make up for the pastel bamboo I used for his mane. I think he turned out great. But I still like Twinkle Toes more.

This Goblin is every color of the rainbow. I'm getting more skilled with Color Bleeding with each new goblin. I still hate felting over wire though.

Well Just sent the pictures to the customer. I am keeping my fingers crossed that she likes him. If not well, he was fun to make anyway!