Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pixie Stix Goblin

New to TangleWood Thicket is Pixie Stix Goblin. She is a custom creation for a little girl named Alanna in Eastern Canada. Her mom and dad ordered two creations for each of their girls for Christmas. How excited I was to get not one but two custom orders from one customer. I was more flattered then anything. I never fail to be amazed with each custom request I get. I started this goblin back in October but she was set aside while I finished Snow Cone, Morning Star and Starry Night Goblin. I am excited she is finally finished and love her turn out. This time around I used accents of super soft hand dyed Merino I obtained from a Ravelry Fiber Swap. I received a envelope of amazing rainbow colours to sample from South Africa. The colors were perfect for this rainbow creature.

I actually made a big mistake when making this goblin. She was supposed to be a medium size goblin, which means less time and sold for less. I am so sleep deprived from Bailey's constant wakings and lack of naps that I am making stupid silly mistakes. I mean, it's an okay mistake because I don't need to start over, and it's not like the customer won't get what she wanted...but still. I am trying not to beat myself up over it. Sleep is the answer to this problem though. Does not help that I like my alone time so when Bailey finally is asleep I use any ounce of time to felt, watch smutty TV and Read...Yes, I am trying to cram two books at once. One being Bridget Jones Diary .( This past weekend I poked a lot to make a dent in my Christmas orders. I was delighted that it was grey and rainy out and that Bridget Jones 1 and 2 was one Back to Back not just Saturday, but Sunday Too...So I worked to the sounds of endless hours of Rene's Voice and sneak Peeks of Colin Firth...Hmmm Colin Firth. My husband thinks he is a step up from my usual crushes. Jack Black, Anthony Edwards, Tom green, Rick Moranis, Richard Dryfus. I could go on...) Oh and the other book is by Denise Mina. It's a Scottish Thriller Mystery type.

Next to be completed is Red Dragon....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Goth Girl!

Something totally different! This is what I call Goth Girl. She may have a name, but I don't know what it is. This was a special custom order that I took for Christmas. This order was different because the concept, design and drawing were already done. I did not have to dive into my own imagination to conceive her. The above picture is the original concept drawing by 16 year old up and coming artist Chelsea Ferguson who lives way over in PEI. I had a lot of fun making my first Needle Felt Doll which was not a goblin or creature. It made me really want to get started on my Mermaids. But first the customs. Goth Girl is needle felted all the way from her head to her Mary-Janes. Where I cheated was the skirt, the shoe laces and the cape. Initially I tried to needle felt these items and the result was pretty gross. They looked awful. So I went out to find felt sheets. Do you think I could find black anywhere? In all of Victoria I was unable to find one sheet of plain black felt. So, she has a black sorta stiff Glittery skirt. I guess felt art by the sheet is very popular. I had no idea.
I used polymer clay to make her corn chopper. Haha.

I do wonder what the story behind this Goth Girl is. Why is she holding a scythe and is also hanging from a noose? I guess I'll never know. I hope that I did Chelsea's Goth girl Justice and did not butcher her little work of art.

Another Christmas custom order in my past. More to follow....

Monday, November 9, 2009

Gumdrop Goblin Part 2.'s been a busy couple of weeks. I am happy to say I finally finished part 2 of this custom order. Gumdrop now has his own little Goblin Sprite complete with wings. Also jointed for added playtime pleasure. The pair is adorable if I am allowed to admit it. So much so that I wanted to keep them the instant I slid little sprite into the big frumpy hands of Gumdrop Goblin. Little sprite is about the same size of a large red apple.

I would love to be a fly on the wall the on Christmas morning when the little girl wakes up and opens these two.

Oh, and I have a new Tanglewood Facebook Page...still not sure how to link it so other people can join who are not already my friends. I am sure I'll eventually figure it out. Anyways...stop by and check it out.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gumdrop Goblin Part 1.

This is Gumdrop Goblin. Another creature custom ordered for Christmas. This one was ordered by a lady in Oregon for her 13 year old daughter for Christmas. The customer wanted a fat baby goblin...FAT! I started this goblin 3 weeks ago and I was about to attach his last arm and leg when my husband said he is too big for this order. You need to size him down and start again. Wow. What a major pain since I am so limited with my time and still have now 8 of 12 orders to finish. So, I started from scratch. The first Gumdrop Goblin when standing with jointed legs was 21" tall. Since this was a medium priced Goblin my husband put his foot down. Someone has to keep me in check. So a fatter slightly shorter (by accident again) new gumdrop goblin was born. I must admit the first goblin was way too lean and trim. I beefed this goblin up and he truly has a gumdrop shaped body. I used blue Kool-aid to dye my wool Three packs which resulted in a cool ice blue tone. Very pretty. I then accented with greens and peaches. The hair is my own drum carded mix of Merino, silk, bamboo and Angelina is hologram sparkle. Did I mention this little guy has huge feet? So big in fact that he can almost stand on his own. But since I did not brace or support his legs he is pretty wobbly. I jointed this goblin since it's for a child and it turned out very nice. I like the result. I think for my next couple of goblins I will in fact joint them and support their legs for standing. Shipping will be another story though!

So this Goblin is not completed. I still have more face detailing, I need to fine tune his magic warts seen in yellow and he was requested with a friend or pet. So, I am just about finished a little orange goblin friend. When that part of the project is finished I'll post both together!

Posting Gothic Girl next. Another Christmas Custom order.