Friday, January 22, 2010

Citrus Sunshine Dragons!

I am so excited to be finished this Dragon Duo. I had originally taken the order back in November I think...and thought it would be a breeze. But then I forgot that it was Dragons. Needless to say I am happy and pleased with the final outcome. The customer is away for the next week and now I sit on Pins and Needles until she either approves them or tells me I'm a nutter. So, these two, if it's not obvious is a Mama and Baby. I tend to think they are both girls, but that's just me. The baby is bigger then a Big Red Apple and Mama is twice her size. The outline I was given was Green, Yellow and Rainbow. So this is what my crazy mind made. The only thing I would do different with the next batch of custom Dragons..(Oh yes, Four to be exact! Uhhgg) is smaller Head fins. I made Mama Dragon's so big that you can't see her awesome three tone iridescent wings. Oh, and I am actually having my own personal Photographer (and very good friend Dion) over this weekend to snap a few shots to see if I can get into a book that is excepting submissions. I think with Dion's talent alone I could have a shot. Dion did all the Pictures for my Interior Design Business and they were amazing!
I am pretty excited about the book submission. But I am more doing it as like a coloring contest. If I get in..YIPPIE! And if not, well it was fun to try.

Anyway...Hubby rented me a horror movie and I am off to complete "Grinn Goblin" all 24" of him. My biggest creature yet.

Wish me luck!

2 comments: said...

i love your dragons!!!!!!!!!!!!
have a nice weekend,

Emily Wohlscheid said...

you are such a talented lady! If lark books doesn't accept some of your pieces they are completely bonkers! I'm submitting a few things too but unfortunately am not blessed with an amazing photographer. :) good luck!

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