Sunday, February 21, 2010

Water Goblin

Babe with the Power!
Okay, So... it's not Toby with the Labyrinth Goblins...But it's as close as I can get! Bailey and her Tanglewood Thicket Goblins. Shown for Scale.

Nice ending to a bright and Sunny week here in Victoria. I finished a custom order for customer Elemental Dragon today. I have been looking forward to finishing him all week. He is by far my most favourite goblin to date. The order came back in November. I don't think I procrastinated on this one, but I do get a little nervous when working for another very talented artist. I always spend way too much time over-thinking and fretting. Angela of Elemental Dragon came up with her own color combo which in the end I just love. Last week she threw in the peach accents which are awesome. Oh, and she wanted Dragon Fins instead of Goblin ears. This really threw me for a loop and I was a little anxious about the outcome. I made goblin's face really wide and squishy and the fins look so adorable on him. As I got going I really wanted him to have a super soft tummy so I laced white silk with Lime Green Sparkle and felted it on. He is just so loviable! I joked on my Tanglewood Thicket Facebook Fan page how I wanted to say my house burnt down and he was lost in the fire so I could keep him, but I knew Karma would looking over my shoulder. He will have an amazing home with many other creatures to keep him company I am sure. Goblin is another biggie! He sits 26" tall from bum to horn tip. 27" long from toe to tail and 18" wide at the face from fin to fin. I don't know if I will do what I call another Water Goblin. Guess we will see. As I am loading pictures for this blog I am also now starting a lime green baby nub in which was won as a custom on Ebay. My first test with my goblins on Ebay was very exciting! Oh and I am also doing a hot pink goblin oh and two goblins for a mother and daughter order. I just came home last weekend with 10 pounds of wool! I made some really awesome colors this week. Hot Pink, Bubblegum, and cotton candy. Popcicle blue and cucumber green! I am trying to work at the speed of lighting so that our move in less then a month won't interfere with my custom order schedule.

Felting has been awesome this past week since I have had the Olympics to keep me company. Go Canada!

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great feltwork!!! i love it....
have a nice day,

Purple Butterfly said...

He's absolutely adorable. Your work just keeps getting more fabulous with each critter!

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