Friday, March 5, 2010

Rainbow Ju-Jub Goblin Nub

I am so happy it's Friday! Although less excited that we have about two weeks before we move off the island and George has gone away for his yearly guys cabin trip. But only because there is so much work to do both with Tanglewood and also with getting our house ready for the tenants. And, moving off the island is not as easy as it seems.w w But I may just blow off all the work and spend two days at the beach and park with Bailey. I finished another goblin order which always excites me. This is my second Goblin Nub. I call him Rainbow Ju-Jub. He is fat and chubby with long jointed arms and legs. Big feet and ears. He can almost stand, but not fully unless supported. I enjoy doing these neck-less creatures...something about fat little goblins makes me happy. It's been a productive and exciting week! Not only did I make huge progress on my orders, but I also found out I was Froud Artist of the month! That is just so very exciting I can't even say. I have almost all the Froud books and I've been a huge HUGE fan of theirs for years and years. A lot of people I have told have no idea what the Froud artist of the month is or why...All I have to say is Um..Hello? Labyrinth? Dark Crystal..Lady Cottington? Anyway, I am so thrilled. Also, I made an Etsy Treasury and have had a load of positive feedback from Various Artistic Outlets.

The only thing that would top this week off would be to be able to go see Alice! In time I guess...

Girls night tomorrow night! Needle will be exchanged for Chocolate and Wine! That sounds a little strange...doesn't it?

Happy Weekend Everyone...


CreAnoes said...

I have to say; I love your work!! All of the goblins are really awesome! And the colors you work with are so beautiful. Keep up the good work! :-)

Best wishes, Anoeska from the Netherlands

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