Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sweet Tart Dragon

Finished this week: Sweet Tart Dragon! My last commission request from the month of December. Yes. some day I will catch up. Luckily though, this was a little Dragon. Well, when I say little I mean 17" long and 13" wide. 10" tall. So, about the size of a toaster. Does that help?
I also have been very busy dying wool. With my new stash of Jacquard Acid dye I have made some amazing colors. I can't wait for them to dry..(with no help of the cheap crappy drying rack I purchased at Walmart!..Grrr...that's another story) Anyways. Now that little Dragon is finished I can start on the five goblin cores I have waiting in the side lines. Yes Five!!! All Large!!! I am trying to do them all at once. I would love a picture of them all together before they part ways. Thought it would make a great Christmas card for all my past customers!

And...The first Husband wife collaboration is in the works. George has started this amazing four legged Goblin creature...He is awesome. Now, I get to detail and bring it to life. I can't wait to show him to everyone! I am considering a leather saddle with a goblin riding him, but George will have the final say since it's his baby.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainbow Whistle Pop Goblin

This is my newest creation. Of course another Rainbow Goblin which was custom ordered. This Goblin has caused me a lot of sweat and tears. Not only was the customer's request 7 pages long, but I also just found out it will cost over a hundred bucks to ship to Monaco. I pretty much dyed a little inside when I found this out tonight. I got to send the pictures to the customer tonight for approval which I know she has been sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for...and along with those highly anticipated pictures I got to unleash the amount of shipping. Holy Crap!!! I have sent things to Europe and frankly all over the world, the most I have ever paid is about $40.00. With that being said though, I never shipped one this large. You can see from the pictures and the cute one of my babe Bailey and Goblin, that she (the goblin) is pretty big. Uhhg! Well, I guess we will see if Goblin does make her trip home to Monaco or not.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rainbow Tie-Dye Goblins

The latest of custom orders is finished. Two goblins ordered on Boxing day for a mother and daughter in Ohio. Only Criteria...Rainbow and or colorful and Tie-Dye like. This was easy and fun. I love the colors I made with Wilton's Icing Dye. Of course the violets and purple bleed, but I had enough of the big blots within the wool to get some awesome violet and purples for the Blue Goblins face. I made the blue one with 5 packs of Blue Kool-Aid...such a dreamy cotton candy blue color! I loved the end result! They both were supposed to be small goblins...and the price tag was small Goblins, but in the end I accidentally made Medium-large Goblins. Both are jointed and can stand a bit if supported. I love both of these too creatures and I hope Shelley and her daughter Morgan will too!

I am still working on that huge 7 page custom list order...Man oh man!!!!! and I also took a few minutes to try and human much fun! I love what I made, even if the old women has bugged out eyes. May turn into a Goblin Queen...or maybe an old lady snail creature...who knows.