Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rainbow Tie-Dye Goblins

The latest of custom orders is finished. Two goblins ordered on Boxing day for a mother and daughter in Ohio. Only Criteria...Rainbow and or colorful and Tie-Dye like. This was easy and fun. I love the colors I made with Wilton's Icing Dye. Of course the violets and purple bleed, but I had enough of the big blots within the wool to get some awesome violet and purples for the Blue Goblins face. I made the blue one with 5 packs of Blue Kool-Aid...such a dreamy cotton candy blue color! I loved the end result! They both were supposed to be small goblins...and the price tag was small Goblins, but in the end I accidentally made Medium-large Goblins. Both are jointed and can stand a bit if supported. I love both of these too creatures and I hope Shelley and her daughter Morgan will too!

I am still working on that huge 7 page custom list order...Man oh man!!!!! and I also took a few minutes to try and human much fun! I love what I made, even if the old women has bugged out eyes. May turn into a Goblin Queen...or maybe an old lady snail creature...who knows.


Karen said...

Wow they look so amazing there new owners are going to absolutely love them :)

Really cant wait to see the human face you made i'm sure she'll be just brilliant :)


Emily Wohlscheid said...

ooh, old lady snail creature sounds creepy and endearing. :D

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