Monday, April 19, 2010

Rainbow Whistle Pop Goblin

This is my newest creation. Of course another Rainbow Goblin which was custom ordered. This Goblin has caused me a lot of sweat and tears. Not only was the customer's request 7 pages long, but I also just found out it will cost over a hundred bucks to ship to Monaco. I pretty much dyed a little inside when I found this out tonight. I got to send the pictures to the customer tonight for approval which I know she has been sitting on the edge of her seat waiting for...and along with those highly anticipated pictures I got to unleash the amount of shipping. Holy Crap!!! I have sent things to Europe and frankly all over the world, the most I have ever paid is about $40.00. With that being said though, I never shipped one this large. You can see from the pictures and the cute one of my babe Bailey and Goblin, that she (the goblin) is pretty big. Uhhg! Well, I guess we will see if Goblin does make her trip home to Monaco or not.


SuzyQSparkles said...

All well be well. She (the goblin and your sweetie both) is gorgeous! Of course a customer with that long of a request list, and living overseas, will anticipate the shipping cost! I shipped an itty-bitty box of journals to a friend who'd lived with us and left them behind. They went from Wyoming to Indonesia. It took almost two months and cost over $50, which he gladly paid. So, like I said, overseas they tend to expect higher shipping costs.

Barby Anderson said...

Oh how I love your work ma dear! But your daughter's smiling eyes...killer cute! What a darling child!!!!

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