Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tanglewood Gralumph with Brownie Rider

The "Goblin Gralumph" was an attempt at something a bit different. I wanted to create something that was true to my style, but would allow me to try some different mediums (leather, specifically). This was also the first real collaboration between my husband and I. The concept of this goblin quadruped was his, while my contribution was the pixie/brownie rider. We both liked the idea of expanding on the world of tanglewood thicket to include these large "beasts of burden" that would be ridden by other fairy folk.

As usual I handled the detailing, but the grunt work of forming up the basic body was all my husband. You may also notice that the rider does not have felted eyes, but instead uses real plastic doll eyes. Again, an attempt at trying something a bit different. Overall we were both very pleased with the effect. We hope you are too!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Rainbow Twizzle Stick Goblin

Goji Berry Bean Goblin Nub

Citrus Fizzle Goblin

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night in the Thicket

Just a quick post and a glimpse into the Tanglewood Window while at work. Tonight I am hanging out with George, listening to Sade's new album and sipping diet coke. I have 5 projects I am working on all at once. This means I spend an hour on one, get bored move to the next and so on. Maybe not the best time management, but it keeps things interesting any way. I am hoping to have these done by Wednesday so that I can finish the next batch before the end of May. OMG!!! I am very tired. Understatement there! And this is not because I was up at 3am with darling Bailey, which by the way resulted in me not being able to fall back asleep. So what is a girl to do? Count sheep? Na, how about count stabs as I felt a hand. It worked too! I only had to do it for two hours. terrible morning, but I finished a whole arm and hand.

Can't wait to post the final projects!