Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night in the Thicket

Just a quick post and a glimpse into the Tanglewood Window while at work. Tonight I am hanging out with George, listening to Sade's new album and sipping diet coke. I have 5 projects I am working on all at once. This means I spend an hour on one, get bored move to the next and so on. Maybe not the best time management, but it keeps things interesting any way. I am hoping to have these done by Wednesday so that I can finish the next batch before the end of May. OMG!!! I am very tired. Understatement there! And this is not because I was up at 3am with darling Bailey, which by the way resulted in me not being able to fall back asleep. So what is a girl to do? Count sheep? Na, how about count stabs as I felt a hand. It worked too! I only had to do it for two hours. terrible morning, but I finished a whole arm and hand.

Can't wait to post the final projects!


Pattee said...

I love love love your dolls!!! And I hope you get some sleep soon!
Pattee : )

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