Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Commission Cancellation

Well, My first ever Commission Cancellation was this week. I can't complain. It was not that the customer saw the creature and hated it, although he is a strange little beast. It was just that the funds weren't there. So...Up for adoption on the Ebay Auction-Block he goes. I have to admit I love to auction. So since the cancellation came when he was 90% finished, I just finished him off and up he went.Now, I'll have refrain from checking every hour like I used to do when I was in design school and selling my sculpted fairies. Addict I was!

Have to say my indoor picture taking has not improved as you can see. Not that my outdoor leaves anything to be desired. Can't master everything I guess.

Named after Italian Fizz Candy...Here is Rainbow Zotz Goblin!

3 days on Ebay starting tonight!

Goblin Auction!


Sarah said...

He looks fab but I cant find the auction - could you post a link to make it easier for us numpties ;)


Kasey Sorsby said...

Thanks Sarah!

Try this out:

EmmasBears said...

he is pretty cool! I had a look at the auction but it doesn't have any postage info for international locations. Would you post him to Australia?

Kasey Sorsby said...

Hi Emma!

I didn't mean to not say international bidding, but by the time I went back to edit the listing, there was already a bid on it and I could not do so. Shipping is about 17.00 for air.

Thanks so much!

EmmasBears said...

thanks Kasey. thats not a prob at all. Very reasonable!

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