Friday, January 29, 2010

Grinn and Friends

Grinn Goblin is finished. Another Epic Felted Creature is now alive and kicking. Grinn, named by his new owner is one of my favourite and best creatures to date I think. This Goblin was made for my first male customer and I had a great time working with Doug. He was a perfect customer to work with. Knew his theme and colors and gave me lots of details to work with. I really enjoy that in a client. I have to say I was a little worried to show it to him though. He based this Goblin off Starry Night Goblin who was custom made in the Fall. He said he wanted him exactly the same in face detail and color. That was the hardest part and no matter how hard I tired I could not duplicate the face. They are OOAK for a reason. Grinn is the biggest Goblin I have done. He even would tower over the Fiery I did which I thought was massive. Grinn sits at 24" tall and 24" long. His is made from both hand dyed wool and Ashford merino, silk and bamboo. Although I must say I want to get away from the bamboo. It's too fine and breaks my needles. I love the colors I get and the soft silky quality, but adding hair and a mane with bamboo adds at least 14 hours I would say.

Once I posted both Grinn and the Dragons to the various sites and clubs I am a part of it started a flurry of Etsy customers asking for unique and amazing custom creatures. I took a custom order despite my promise to my husband George (I have a 4 foot dragon core waiting for my attention) which will put me into April. If I took all the custom requests I got this week it would put me in July. I hate to turn people down. I just wish I could work more. George thinks he can make a hand powered needle felting tool for me. I think not. I already stab myself with one needle and it kills, I can't imagine drilling a cluster of needles into my hands and legs at full speed. Anyways, I am wasting valuable creating time.

Next to be completed Peacock and Pinkie Goblin Duo along with Another large curly horned Goblin...

Someday I'll get to my unicorns, sea monster, mermaids and Wonderland creatures!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Citrus Sunshine Dragons!

I am so excited to be finished this Dragon Duo. I had originally taken the order back in November I think...and thought it would be a breeze. But then I forgot that it was Dragons. Needless to say I am happy and pleased with the final outcome. The customer is away for the next week and now I sit on Pins and Needles until she either approves them or tells me I'm a nutter. So, these two, if it's not obvious is a Mama and Baby. I tend to think they are both girls, but that's just me. The baby is bigger then a Big Red Apple and Mama is twice her size. The outline I was given was Green, Yellow and Rainbow. So this is what my crazy mind made. The only thing I would do different with the next batch of custom Dragons..(Oh yes, Four to be exact! Uhhgg) is smaller Head fins. I made Mama Dragon's so big that you can't see her awesome three tone iridescent wings. Oh, and I am actually having my own personal Photographer (and very good friend Dion) over this weekend to snap a few shots to see if I can get into a book that is excepting submissions. I think with Dion's talent alone I could have a shot. Dion did all the Pictures for my Interior Design Business and they were amazing!
I am pretty excited about the book submission. But I am more doing it as like a coloring contest. If I get in..YIPPIE! And if not, well it was fun to try.

Anyway...Hubby rented me a horror movie and I am off to complete "Grinn Goblin" all 24" of him. My biggest creature yet.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Project Overload!

Oh it's been a long while since I posted on my blog. I have been on "project overload" for many many weeks now. I may have mentioned that I took on way too many Christmas orders this year which resulted in me working even on Christmas day! I managed to get all but one Christmas order to my customers on time. The last little goblin I shipped I finished on December 18th. I had thought I could send him express but he did not make it. I was thrilled though that the customer was surprised by his size and that he was way more colorful then the crappy picture I sent her had displayed. Ya! So, I'll post pictures of all the creatures I have finished too date.

Above are pictures of: Pop Rock Goblin, Fire-spark Goblin, Mini Starry Night Goblin who ended up so so mini, and Black Cherry Dragon.

I'm still working on a pair of Dragons that I took as a order back in November. I thought it would be easy, but then when I started I said to myself, oh right Dragons!!!! Dragons are more detailed and harder then goblins because of all their toes and claws..and now I am making two for one order!!! Silly, Silly me.

We actually went away this year at Christmas for almost a month. I thought having my in-laws around would help me to get more work done, but Bailey my little one wanted me more then ever which didn't allow for much felting. I even felted in the car after taken a heavy dose of motion-sickness remedy. It actually worked and it was pretty comfortable and the lighting was perfect!

I actually did something silly and took 4 more orders on one day over the holidays. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I have never been good at saying no. George almost killed me. He really wants me to work on the 4' dragon we started and with custom orders I can't work on anything else. Ooopps!

I am currently working on Three Valentines Orders and f more after that to be completed in March and April.