Thursday, February 25, 2010

Rainbow Jawbreaker Goblin

So, for weeks and weeks now I have have a side side project. Meaning I am usually doing two-three customs with a few started in the wings. Since August I have not been able to put a new goblin that has not been spoken for in my store. I don't know if I have a following in terms of people coming back to check availability, but if the off chance I do, then I am not really giving reason to come back since everything I have created has been a custom order. So, I started a side project in which I work on for 10-15 minutes a day. I do this because I don't want to take time away from custom order since I already feel I make people wait weeks and weeks. So 10-15 minutes a day and weeks and weeks later I am finally ready to adopt out a new goblin. Yippie! I enjoyed doing this, so I think I will start maybe two more and work them along side the 6 customs I have to finish in the next few months. I'd love to move on to my Alice In Wonderland and Dark Crystal collections...but goblins and Dragons is where the action is right now. In time!
This week has been crazy, while I am packing boxes for the move to Predator Ridge, I am also dying up a storm. Today alone I made 5 pounds of Blood Orange, Peaches N Cream and Sunshine Yellow. All with different amount of Kool-Aid and Icing Dye! My yellow hands with Orange finger tips are less then ideal. Oh well!

This is Rainbow Jawbreaker Goblin...I really wanted to call him Everlasting Gobstopper Goblin, but George nixed that! Boo George!

Goblin is Available in my Etsy store.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Water Goblin

Babe with the Power!
Okay, So... it's not Toby with the Labyrinth Goblins...But it's as close as I can get! Bailey and her Tanglewood Thicket Goblins. Shown for Scale.

Nice ending to a bright and Sunny week here in Victoria. I finished a custom order for customer Elemental Dragon today. I have been looking forward to finishing him all week. He is by far my most favourite goblin to date. The order came back in November. I don't think I procrastinated on this one, but I do get a little nervous when working for another very talented artist. I always spend way too much time over-thinking and fretting. Angela of Elemental Dragon came up with her own color combo which in the end I just love. Last week she threw in the peach accents which are awesome. Oh, and she wanted Dragon Fins instead of Goblin ears. This really threw me for a loop and I was a little anxious about the outcome. I made goblin's face really wide and squishy and the fins look so adorable on him. As I got going I really wanted him to have a super soft tummy so I laced white silk with Lime Green Sparkle and felted it on. He is just so loviable! I joked on my Tanglewood Thicket Facebook Fan page how I wanted to say my house burnt down and he was lost in the fire so I could keep him, but I knew Karma would looking over my shoulder. He will have an amazing home with many other creatures to keep him company I am sure. Goblin is another biggie! He sits 26" tall from bum to horn tip. 27" long from toe to tail and 18" wide at the face from fin to fin. I don't know if I will do what I call another Water Goblin. Guess we will see. As I am loading pictures for this blog I am also now starting a lime green baby nub in which was won as a custom on Ebay. My first test with my goblins on Ebay was very exciting! Oh and I am also doing a hot pink goblin oh and two goblins for a mother and daughter order. I just came home last weekend with 10 pounds of wool! I made some really awesome colors this week. Hot Pink, Bubblegum, and cotton candy. Popcicle blue and cucumber green! I am trying to work at the speed of lighting so that our move in less then a month won't interfere with my custom order schedule.

Felting has been awesome this past week since I have had the Olympics to keep me company. Go Canada!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Tart N Tiny

Man what a week! Aside from finishing another custom order which was actually supposed to be shipped out last week, I have been getting ready for a big move off Vancouver Island. George and I have been entertaining the idea of moving closer to family and old friends for a while now but never thought it was realistic to pull the plug here in Victoria. I mean, I co-owed a Design firm here, George and I own a house here and, as a couple for the last 10 years we have never lived anywhere else together. Kinda scary. I put our house up on Craigslist to see if we would get any interest for the amount we had listed it for. It never occured to me that it would happen so fast, let alone at all. Both George and I had thought that the rent we needed to cover the mortgage was too rich for a lot of people's blood. well apparently we were wrong! Not only did we get a huge response but we also had a number of people though and ended up renting it all within a few days of listing it. Oh, and FOR APRIL! Never saw that coming. So, needless to say I have been packing, searching for a house in the Okanagan, felting fast and furious to get through my orders and wrangling my little goblin who's favourite word right now is MOMMY! And of course for no rhyme or reason. Literally from the moment she wakes to even this moment when she should be sleeping in her crib. I am thinking I don't like the work Mommy to much this week. How can 1 25 pound curly blonde munch-kin run a women ragged like this?
I feel like the candle burning from both ends this week. It's only Monday too! Although I am not sure what that has to do with anything, everyday these days feels like Monday.

Oh, and to top it off...I crushed my finger tips trying to close the garage door quietly so not to wake George since he needed to sleep in this morning. Not easy to felt today with numb fingertips.

Anyway...aside from showing the home, packing 80% while curly-Q ride on my hip I have managed to finish another custom order from Etsy. It was an order I got before Christmas. A fellow had purchased a custom order for his wife's birthday which also happens to fall on Valentines Day! Awww! So she wanted Two goblins. One big and one little to represent her own little goblin Zara. I hope she likes them. Uhhgg I hate being late though. No time to get them there for Sunday. Happy Be-lated Birthday Dawn.

Tart, Bigger goblin in Peacock colors is jointed at the arms and sits 14" tall and Tiny, the lil pink and white goblin with no neck (heheh) sits at 7" tall.