Thursday, November 25, 2010

5 Months Later...

It's been 5 long months since I made my last Blog post. And I only have my husband to blame. :) Actually, he was trying to help me by giving me new blog tools and a new layout package, but in the end it only confused me and it made uploading pictures a pain in the butt. So, I have come back to my original format and I am ready to post again.

My whole summer and now all of fall and winter has been trying to get to the end of my commission list. It really is never ending. I have unfortunately, for most new customers, had to put a hold on taking any more. I feel a massive burn-out coming on if I continue on like's now been 15 months of back to back commission with no break. And when I say that I literally mean I worked at least a few hours every single day this past year including Christmas day. I have maybe had one felt-less day in 365. I need to try and create some other things, and being on a time limit for the most part is stressful. So, I think my current customs will take me until after Valentines Day and then I a free felter!!!!! If only for a month or so. I think it would be awesome to do some smaller creatures for my poor neglected Etsy store. I already have a waiting list for the new custom season which will start after Valentines day sometime. I am also pleased that I will gain around 16 much needed hours to my creating work week! That should help me get through these orders in a much more timely manner. Now with that being said, I can only work as fast as my creations are big. They have doubled in size this past year. From 6-8" to in some cases over 3 feet!

This Post will be short due to the fact that I have a snowed-in bored 2 year old pawing at me for undivided attention. She hates me on the computer and or on the phone. So I have to sneak it in. :)

If you are interested in a custom and have no looming deadlines you can contact me to be on my new commission list. I am not taking deposits until after Valentines day. I also have a new customs wish list sheet to send you as well to make things a lot more easier...for me! :) (in 2011 no more 7 page wish lists!!!)

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