Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011 Projects

It's proven to be a very busy start to the new year! I just thought I'd take a sec between doing proof pictures of finished commissions, dying 5 pounds of black wool for my up coming three projects...All black! How did that happen? Black spider, Black Labyrinth Fiery and Black Dragon. But before the blackness came lots of light. Here are my finished projects so far this year!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Alaska Goblin Arrival!

This weekend started off with a awesome little gift from fellow felter Patti of Dream Felt. She had commissioned me to make her a large Goblin in which she plans to construct a Zebra patterned thrown for. I think that is just so cool. But Patti is the first customer I've ever had who did not want to see her Goblin creature before it arrived. Not only was I nervous because I have never created for another Needle Felting artist, but I always send proof pictures to the customer first to get approval. Boy did I do some "mental pacing" waiting to get word her goblin had arrived. I also realized after it was sent that I never did my own pictures for this Goblin. Opps! But I got the best feedback of all this weekend. Patti Taped herself opening her Goblin package and posted a copy for all to see. I just love the video! I think I am hooked! Video feedback is just so awesome!

Patti opening Northern Night Sky Goblin

The goblin is cute, but that little sweet munchkin in the video is adorable!