Monday, July 16, 2012

Snout for Adoption

Sweet Gentle Snout is for adoption via auction for 2 days...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cupcakes are slowly emerging!

The long awaited Cupcake Goblins are slowly one by one starting to emerge. Here are the first 7 I finished and winged. They have been photographed and claimed over at Tanglewood Facebook. Guess it pays to be a fan over there, since they got first dibs, and no one said "pass"!!!! I have 17 more, some are ready for their close up, some need some polishing off. How fun though, well when I say fun, I mean the picture. Because I tell ya, these are not fun when you are holding your four month old with one arm...or wearing him in baby backpack rocking and bouncing while trying to also not stab your finger tips off. But I'll look back at this and laugh. Right now I am wondering why my legs and back kill, how am I going to photograph the next batch while running back and forth to push Bailey on her  swing and so on...Even as I write this (when I know I should be sleeping because Gage will wake any moment and then again  thirty more time before 4am) I find a tuft of hot pink wool in my shirt...and silk stuck to my elbow. Life is grand!

So if you want the inside scoop on getting dibs first before my Etsy store come on

Saturday, April 28, 2012

"Dance your cares away, Worry's for another day...

Remember Mokey Fraggle? The Hippie-Dippie artsy poetic Fraggle? Well...This is the Tanglewood Thicket version of the Radish harvesting creature from the depths of Fraggle Rock. My Mokey is needle felted head to toe. Although, this time I have sewn a really cool wispy faux fur over the core wool body. By doing this I saved myself easily 20 hours of work of having to add on silky fibers one by one like I did with Boober Fraggle this time last year. Yuck! I only say that because I break a lot of needles and it just takes sooo darn long. I got the idea from fellow doll artist Martina Staniek. She does the coolest faux fur creatures with needle felted faces. She led me to a link on how to use a faux fur material with a soft sculpture armature. Being that I can't sew worth a darn...she was a huge help. Jim Henson's fraggles stand at 18" tall. My Mokey stands at 24" tall. Which was a major "opps" on my part. This comission was meant to be 10". Guess this is a happy mistake for the new owner. That of course being as long as that person does not live in a closet sized studio apartment. So the real Mokey also has a shawl type coat. I had set out to make this with some crazy acid green wool I dyed up in two amazing tones. But since I can't wet felt yet, and my husband was too busy to do it for me...I thought I'd hand felt a giant sheet into a fabric like piece and then sort of felt it into a coat like way. Nope. Hours and hours down the drain. Too stiff, too weird, too bright, too bilious. awful.
Being that my Mokey had a harder face, stiffer hair and different colors from the real Mokey, I wanted to at least keep the coat idea alive to keep her associated with Henson's Mokey. I wandered through a fabric store for over an hour...and setted on some Metal Blue type knit. Brought it home with no clue how to sew a coat...(Yes I have a sewing machine. Yes I can thread it, Yet I can stitch a line. My skill ends there) I then watched countless "YouTube" tutorials on how to sew a sleeve, how to sew clothes for dolls, the history of the sleeve and how it progressed and changed with eras over the years. Blah! Well what my Mokey is wearing took me four hours. Did I just admit that out loud? Yes. I sewed it right side out, inside out on one arm, rightside out on another. Sewed the sleeves closed. Sewed it every which way but the right way.'s hoping Mokey will be hugged, admired and set on a nice display with out much inspection. Cause my sewing leaves a whole lot to be desired. To say the very least.

Oh, and real Mokey had a necklace. Do you think anywhere on google or youtube there is a crystal clear image of it? Nope. Wikipedia suggested Mokey wore a soda tab around her neck...So soda tab it is! Plucked right from a fresh pile of Diet Coke cans piled by my sewing machine as I wrestled with that (to be polite,) we'll say silly blue knit material.

I pray no one else orders a Fraggle for a while. Her hair almost killed me these past few weeks. I need to move back to those cupcake Goblins I've teased on my facebook page before my door gets kicked in from all those anxious customer waiting. (Literally at least one to two emails a day...."Are they done yet"???....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Cupcake Goblin Anyone?

Sneak Preview of the first of many "flavors" of Tanglewood Thickets Cupcake Goblins!

This is Boysenberry Swirl Cupcake Goblin. He was a concept dreamt up two or so years ago in which I was not able to get going due to commissions. I wanted a palm size, sweet, soft...but colorful creature with big signature eyes, tiny little legs and huge feet. Boysenberry is the first of a dozen in the first series. All named from sweet and delicious cupcake flavors. This guy has a bit of a swirl on his horn as if it were frosting. He is sparkly! Has little confetti goblin warts, and on the back some cute little goblin wings. Yes, goblins can have wings too!

My husband George wanted me to sneak preview the first one before finishing the other 11. I think he thinks they are ugly. Ha! So far he has had a good feedback on the Tanglewood Thicket Facebook Page.

All 12 goblins, once finished will be all released into the wild at once. (Etsy) No pre orders, no holds, just finally some inventory in my poor neglected store. If they are popular enough I can do another dozen down the road...But they kinda remind me of Gumballs too...I am thinking a gumball Dragon or Gumball Goblin. With a toddler and a 5 week old though I could be dreaming!

Cupcake Goblins will be displayed in an open cupcake box as shown for gifting.
They will be $50.00 each plus shipping. No holds/reserves.