Friday, January 27, 2012

Cupcake Goblin Anyone?

Sneak Preview of the first of many "flavors" of Tanglewood Thickets Cupcake Goblins!

This is Boysenberry Swirl Cupcake Goblin. He was a concept dreamt up two or so years ago in which I was not able to get going due to commissions. I wanted a palm size, sweet, soft...but colorful creature with big signature eyes, tiny little legs and huge feet. Boysenberry is the first of a dozen in the first series. All named from sweet and delicious cupcake flavors. This guy has a bit of a swirl on his horn as if it were frosting. He is sparkly! Has little confetti goblin warts, and on the back some cute little goblin wings. Yes, goblins can have wings too!

My husband George wanted me to sneak preview the first one before finishing the other 11. I think he thinks they are ugly. Ha! So far he has had a good feedback on the Tanglewood Thicket Facebook Page.

All 12 goblins, once finished will be all released into the wild at once. (Etsy) No pre orders, no holds, just finally some inventory in my poor neglected store. If they are popular enough I can do another dozen down the road...But they kinda remind me of Gumballs too...I am thinking a gumball Dragon or Gumball Goblin. With a toddler and a 5 week old though I could be dreaming!

Cupcake Goblins will be displayed in an open cupcake box as shown for gifting.
They will be $50.00 each plus shipping. No holds/reserves.


Anonymous said...

Ugly? The cuteness is killing me! Great idea!


g.a.s. said...

your art work is just to dam cute.Love them all!!!!
Thanks g.a.s.

Jennifer Gordon said...

I wanted a Wooley Wog until I saw these! They're so loveable, and cuter that real cupcakes! Maybe I'm biased since I work surrounded by cupcakes daily, but I'm hoping to add a cupcake goblin to my menagerie as soon as one goes looking for a home!

rubylou said...

I must have one they are adorable!!!!

Sticks and Stones said...

I want one too! When will they be released to the wild?

Shannon said...

So excited! My daughter loves your creatures, and has looked at them daily for over a year now! Fingers crossed we can bring one home for her to love on.

Sarah said...

These are amazing! I love your work and now I feel I need a cupcake!

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