Saturday, May 12, 2012

Cupcakes are slowly emerging!

The long awaited Cupcake Goblins are slowly one by one starting to emerge. Here are the first 7 I finished and winged. They have been photographed and claimed over at Tanglewood Facebook. Guess it pays to be a fan over there, since they got first dibs, and no one said "pass"!!!! I have 17 more, some are ready for their close up, some need some polishing off. How fun though, well when I say fun, I mean the picture. Because I tell ya, these are not fun when you are holding your four month old with one arm...or wearing him in baby backpack rocking and bouncing while trying to also not stab your finger tips off. But I'll look back at this and laugh. Right now I am wondering why my legs and back kill, how am I going to photograph the next batch while running back and forth to push Bailey on her  swing and so on...Even as I write this (when I know I should be sleeping because Gage will wake any moment and then again  thirty more time before 4am) I find a tuft of hot pink wool in my shirt...and silk stuck to my elbow. Life is grand!

So if you want the inside scoop on getting dibs first before my Etsy store come on