Saturday, January 5, 2013


Seen this odd donkey looking Unicorn, er...pegasas before? Sure you have, if you're a comic book fan. My newest commission request which is NOT (thankfully) a dragon pup came all the way from Tasmania! And...for a much needed and refreshing change, it came FINALLY! In the shape of a Unicorn. My first finished Unicorn, to be more specific. This Pretty Blue Unicorn is straight from the amazing minds and right onto paper; of Marvel Comic Book writer & artist Grant Morrison and Darick Roberston. The character is from the "Happy" series. I was both excited and a little overwhelmed at first. However, once I got into the needle groove, things started to flow.
I do admit my first attempt was all very wrong. I dyed the wrong shade of blue, going for a inky Cobalt. With acid green eyes. Could have saved my self two weeks of felting had I had the artist's picture next to me rather than going from memory. Big Opps! That little (BIG) mistake cost me a ton of precious rushed Christmas order time. I even had to do a few all-nighters, that I painfully pulled through trying to get customers their orders in time to tuck under the tree! So Stressful! So so stressful!

Blue unicorn is approx. the size of a cocker spaniel. His legs are jointed on to pose. His donkey like ears are wired to pose, as well as his tail.


Mandy said...

Wow, he's amazing! I've never heard of a donkey unicorn, but the combination is quite adorable ;)

Mobifilz said...

He is soooo fantastic.
Many greetings Jessi

g.a.s. said...

LOVE HIM!!!!! He is to cute.Your work amazes me.g.a.s.

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