Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Dachshund Fire Dragon

This is a really cool Commission concept that I just finished making. As you can see from my past works, I don't usually do realistic animals or things of that nature unless they are very colorful  or have wings, horns or all of the above. I took this commission on because I thought doing a animal-Dragon hybrid would be fun. I was right. Also, because no one has ever asked for a standing dragon, something I have yet to do. I have done over 100 or so if not more dragons, but every customer has wanted it sitting like a pup. I did have a hard time with this creature. Making sure the legs were even, making sure they looked both dog and dragon like. HAVING THE Dachshund signature face and eyes match with the horns and so on. I wanted to capture the  vision the customer had, but also put my signature on it. I think I did it! Yay!

I was very pleased when someone on my Facebook Fan Page asked if the eyes were felted or not. What a compliment! I work long hours on my eyes to achieve that effect. I am glad that it shows.

Again and Again I get private messaged from new felters asking for advice or secrets. My answer is always the same. Poke until you can not poke anymore, and don't stab yourself. Honestly! There is nothing else I do differently other than go over board with the amount of time I take.